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2018 Masters de la Boulangerie

After four years of qualification rounds and a year of preparations, the Masters de la Boulangerie 2018 was finally there. The competition was fierce. I competed against the best bakers in the world. Winning the prestigious competition was a dream come true. In February of 2018, I was awarded the title ‘World Master Baker’ in the category ‘Nutritional Bread Making’.

Master Baker

The run-up to and participation in the Master exam was quite the undertaking. And what a wonderful one! The exam gives you freedom to demonstrate your skills in every aspect of this beautiful craft. Before the competition, you put together a book—a promise to the international jury. You get three days to fulfil that promise, through a practical exam. It’s incredibly thrilling. Both you and your products continue to progress up to the very last moment.

EC 2012 - Coupe d’Europe Les Pellons d’Or

In 2012, the Coupe d’Europe Les Pellons d’Or (the European Cup in Boulangerie) was organised in Amsterdam for the first time. Together with the BoulangerieTeam we won a historic first prize. During this nerve-racking competition it was the difference in the taste and appearance of our products that won over the international jury.

WC qualifications – Coupe Louis Lesaffre

The report by the judges was short and sweet: ‘Exceptional bread!’ Together with the BoulangerieTeam I had spent months learning how to bake breads from all around the world. In Lille we competed with several other countries, and tensions were running high; we were due to perform on the very last day of the competition. Fortunately, we were well-prepared, Things fell into place perfectly, and we were able to bake beautiful products. We won the overall prize and qualified for the world championships in Paris, the Masters de la Boulangerie.

Exams Master Baker

World Championship

Les Pellons d'or

Dear Peter,

Great to see that, after several years of soul searching, you took the leap. This choice enables you to stay true to yourself, and to showcase your creativity and knowledge.

In my opinion, Atelier du Pain guarantees objective advice. The industry benefits from your knowledge. I hope that your passion finds a new outlet with Atelier du Pain. I wish you all the best.

Harry van Kraay

Director, Bakery 't Kraayennest

Peter advised us as baking consultant when we were developing the organic bread range for our Bread company formula.
His practical approach, combined with excellent knowledge of the product and process, ensured a successful collaboration. Creating beautiful products and inspiring employees, I couldn’t summarise it better.

Thanks, Peter!

Patrick Tissen

Director, Broodcompany

We met Peter during his course ‘oliebollen bakken’ (baking Dutch donuts) at the Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum (Dutch bakery centre) in Wageningen. We wanted to improve our product. The results were excellent. That year we ranked number 20 nationwide in the annual oliebollen competition, scoring an eight out of ten.

As we wish to constantly improve our ‘oliebol’, we kept in touch with Peter. The following year he joined us at our booth for a day, to provide more advice. It helped, because that year we ranked number eighteen, with a score of 8.5 in the competition.
Peter is a professional, who knows what he’s talking about. It’s been our dream to finish in the top ten of the famous competition. That’s why, this year, we will once again ask Peter for his advice.

Onno en Anita Bootsma

Owners, Wateringse Oliebollenkraam

We got to know Peter as an involved and able advisor, with a passion for the craft and for the client. Finally someone who really listens, and delivers customised advice, based on the needs and possibilities of your specific and unique bakery.

Peter’s craftsmanship is evident. He delivered useful ideas about product improvement. He is a competent advisor, who knows how to implement his new ideas and improvements in reality. He wins the support of the whole team with his captivating and professional nature. Where necessary, he is able to convince people with his knowledge and skill.

Peter goes beyond knowledge transfer. He takes into account the specific situation and DNA of an organisation, and truly delivers customised advice. He continues to challenge our bakers, by letting them in on his thoughts, and by stimulating them to think for themselves. An associate for all levels of our organisation.

Vincent Derksen

Director, Bakkerij Verbeek

Peter the Master Baker is a Master Baker. I can confidently say that, as I’ve known and have been following Peter throughout his career.

Peter strives for perfection. He’s very creative, and takes into account requirements and circumstances to get the best results. If you want to go further than most people, Peter can play an important role. Just meet him and you will see for yourself.

Matthieu Walraven

Director, Walraven Sales Empowerment

In 1998, Peter and I started working in the test bakery of Sonneveld Bakery Ingredients. We both progressed in our careers, and have always cooperated closely and successfully in different domains.

I continued as an independent entrepreneur, whilst Peter developed further in the industry. I still value his knowledge and creativity. He is driven in everything he does. I often tell him he’s very modest, a trait that truly becomes him. Peter has a lot of expertise and a pleasant way of sharing it with others. He aims for the best results.

Bastiën van Rosendaal

Baker/entrepreneur, Bakhuys Brood en Banket

In 2008 I was fortunate to be employed by Koopmans Meel. Peter was very busy and no longer able to assist the bakers. We already knew each other from the BoulangerieTeam, where we both were and continue to be members. From that moment on we collaborated to develop and present new product innovations.

I was good at baking, but Peter taught me about presentation and demonstrating. In 2012 we were selected for the Dutch BoulangerieTeam, together with François Brandt. After extensive preparations we were the first Dutch contestants to win the European title. In 2013 we both ran for the Master Title, another demanding round of preparations. We saw more of each other than our families, and it was absolutely worth it. Nowadays, we are both working on our own projects, but it’s always a pleasure to cooperate with him.

Wietse Schiere

Master Baker, Koopmans Meel BV

Patience means attention. And that means quality. Would you like to work smarter, differently? Do you want to make your craft more fun and your product even better? Rise to new heights with Atelier du Pain for the best results.


Meester Boulanger Peter Bienefelt