Atelier: an artist’s workshop

The atelier: a place where artists produce their finest masterpieces. Atelier du Pain is no exception. As Master Baker I’ll help you bake even better bread. True pieces of art, in every way. My services include consulting, product development, training and quality support.

Demonstration WK products at IBA

Right after Spain, Peter Bienefelt made way to IBA, München to give a presentation at the VIP-evening of Rademaker. He demonstrated the products he created at the Bakery Masters in Paris. With these products, Peter Bienefelt was awarded the prestigious title of World...

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Peter Bienefelt gives a masterclass in Spain

Master Boulanger and World Master Baker Peter Bienefelt participated at the international bakery-congress Cetece in Plalencia (Spain). Peter gave a masterclass, attended by 80 delegates of the Spanish bakery industry.

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Richemont Italia

At the invitation of Richemont Italia, World Master Baker Peter Bienefelt, together with Master Boulanger Wietse Schiere and Coach Hans Som, went to Brescia to give a Masterclass on various products, from sweet to savory. Together we baked in an excellent facilitated...

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Patience means attention. And that means quality. Would you like to work smarter, differently? Do you want to make your craft more fun and your product even better? Rise to new heights with Atelier du Pain for the best results.


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